Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

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Increasing visibility for their business is essential for real estate investors’ success. A few smart marketing strategies will be presented shortly. Most of them do not require major investments and can help agents become more visible to their prospective clients.
Building a website
Since people now go to the Internet and ask Google everything about what they want, it should come as no surprise that real estate investors should have a website where their offers and contact information are presented. Automatic website builders are now readily available, so real estate investors do not have to be tech savvy to deal with this type of marketing.
Using Zillow for drawing clients
Zillow is now the incontestable winner as far as real estate search traffic is concerned. Many real estate investors have accounts opened with Zillow, as the leads you can get from here are often translating into sales.
The main advantage of Zillow is its clear preference for the real estate market, and people use it to find a new home. Up to 6% of all leads generated by Zillow produce actual sales, which is far greater than what the competition offers.
Using SEO for your website
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it represents a collection of techniques webmasters employ to make their website more visible to Google and other search engines. When people go online to search for real estate offers, they usually use certain tags. Potential buyers from Phoenix will surely add the name of their cities to their searches, so make sure that the content of your website is relevant for the keywords they use.
SEO can be carried on by real estate agents, but hiring a specialized company can render very good results, so the investment is worth it.
Keeping your potential clients engaged
Your website must be designed in a way that allows for potential clients to get engaged. A newsletter is essential, but social media is what really takes the cake right now. Most people often prefer logging on to their Facebook accounts and take their information from there, rather than browsing the web. Being present on social media and creating connections with potential customers can take you a long way.
Don’t forget about local press
Even if everything seems to be happening online right now, this does not mean that you should forget about local press. Getting good coverage for your business in this traditional manner has definite advantages. For starters, it puts you in the right place, since you will be sure that your audience is located in the area where you carry on with your business. The second great advantage is that this type of marketing is free.
There are various ways to get friendly with the local press. Offer your expertise as a real estate investor on creating a piece of news about the evolution of the real estate market, or new developments. As long as you can provide news worthy content, local press will have no quarrels with getting you some good coverage.

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