Is micro housing just a fad, or is it the future?

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // March 19, 2016

Guest Blog Writer Christopher Sharp

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What Keeps the Phoenix Housing Market Behind?

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // November 14, 2015

The housing market in Phoenix shows some signs of recovery, but it is still going slow. The following factors tremendously contribute to the slow rhythm at which this sector is striving to stay afloat and even rise above water level. Foreclosure victims still out of the game Phoenix has shown good improvement as far as […]

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Phoenix Real Estate Market – Last Year’s Expectations Versus Reality

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // October 14, 2015

Real estate agents, borrowers and lenders used to look with increased optimism at the evolution of the market in 2014. While 2015 does, indeed, bring good news to everyone involved in this industry, the way things are today shows that last year’s expectations were a bit optimistic. A look at how last year’s predictions fare […]

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Online Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // September 21, 2015

Increasing visibility for their business is essential for real estate investors’ success. A few smart marketing strategies will be presented shortly. Most of them do not require major investments and can help agents become more visible to their prospective clients. Building a website Since people now go to the Internet and ask Google everything about […]

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The Housing Sector Still Driven by Boomers, not Millennials

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // August 30, 2015

Challenges are many for the real estate investor in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of them are not particularly different from what is happening on a national scale. The millennials have not proven, so far, to be a good generation for the real estate market, since most are postponing the important changes in life,such as, marriage, kids, […]

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What Issues Keep Investors Away from the Phoenix Housing Market?

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // August 16, 2015

The housing bubble caused quite a surge in the Phoenix area until 2006, and the recession hit hard. However, during 2011 and 2013, real estate agents had a few reasons to rejoice since investors seemed to slowly get back in the game and bring their contribution to a stalling market. However, the fact that investors […]

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Office Space Vacancies Still Keep Phoenix Out of the Game

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // July 13, 2015

The real estate market is complex, and various sectors can perform differently. For the Phoenix real estate market, the lowest and most underperforming sector continues to be the one dedicated of office space. Although Phoenix seems to be coming a more and more attractive destination for tech based companies, the numbers are more than disappointing. […]

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Major Factors that Influence the Real Estate Market in Phoenix

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // June 26, 2015

The real estate market is cursed to be optimistic. No matter what changes happen and come into view, real estate agents and investors need to focus on the bigger picture, since current evolutions are not the only tale telling signs they should keep in mind. The housing market in Phoenix has known tremendous changes since […]

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Event Networking Strategies

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // June 4, 2015

Important events, even if they are not particularly focused on the subject of real estate, can be good hunting grounds for real estate investors looking to expand their network. Being able to create new connections, with agents, developers and potential clients is a tremendous achievement for smart investors who know what to look for when […]

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The Super Bowl and the Real Estate Market in Phoenix – Is There Any Connection?

Posted by Suzette Dobbins // May 5, 2015

The Super Bowl is a major sports event and can generate extra revenue for businesses operated in the area where the event is taking place. The last Super Bowl was housed by the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona, and the housing market seemed to react to the important sports event held in the […]

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