Event Networking Strategies

Event Networking Strategies

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Important events, even if they are not particularly focused on the subject of real estate, can be good hunting grounds for real estate investors looking to expand their network. Being able to create new connections, with agents, developers and potential clients is a tremendous achievement for smart investors who know what to look for when they are attending big events. Here are three networking strategies that will help you do exactly that.
Establish a goal before you leave home
Good planning can take you a long way. Unless you are a true expert in hatching plans on the go, it is best to have a goal about what you want to obtain from the event you will attend, in terms of expanding your network. Focus on events where you know people from the construction industry, and other businesses that might be interested in real estate projects, usually partake. Having an idea about who will actually be there is also very helpful, because you will know who to contact and do some homework in advance.
Whether you want to meet new investors, developers, contractors, renters or buyers, a bigger picture is always necessary.
Don’t hesitate to contact total strangers
Even the most solid business partnerships started with people who didn’t knew each other. Since large events bring together so many different people, you should not hesitate to contact total strangers. Learning new things can greatly improve your performance as a real estate agent and even if nothing comes out from the contacts you make during an event, you will still gain some experience, and that is always hard to come by.
Introduce yourself and start conversations. A lot of people attending these events do not know the others, either, so it is not unreasonable to assume that they are looking for potential conversation partners. You may even start some fruitful partnerships if you are not afraid to break the ice and start talking.
Don’t take networking lightly
Networking is a big deal, not only for real estate agents, but for all markets and industries. The rule of thumb is to never take networking lightly. There are certain challenges you will need to overcome, and being aware of them will help you a lot.
For instance, you need to make sure that your attitude is professional at all times, even if you project yourself as an easy going and friendly individual. Since networking is about creating professional contacts, your intentions must be clear.
Another challenge you may face is being able to exit a conversation without hurting the other people’s feelings. Since there is so much ground to cover and so many people to meet, learning all the necessary conversation manners is required.
Always be open to new ideas. If a potential contact wants to expose a new perspective or idea, they will be thankful for having someone to talk to.
Show an interested attitude, and do not try to act like an interesting person. Make sure you have plenty of business cards with you, so you can offer them to your conversation partners.

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